Location: 18616 NW 241st Street, High Springs, FL 32643
Time: 9:30 am, 1st and 3rd Sundays each month
Dress: Casual or formal, whatever you prefer

Our worship services are meant to direct focus away from a “performance” and toward connecting spiritually with God.

Too many churches treat worship like it’s a rock concert with a TED Talk, so our experience ends up being purely entertainment through showmanship and motivational speaking. But people are spiritually starving and hungering for connecting with God in real and tangible ways.

Thankfully, that’s exactly the kind of thing worship was intended to do – we’ve just often forgotten it.

The sacrament of communion is a deeply spiritual encounter with Christ where, mysteriously, we unite with Him in a real way through a spiritual connection while partaking of the elements of bread and juice. This is, as John Wesley believed, a crucial means of grace for a Christian to receive in order to have the spiritual strength to live out our lives for Christ.

As such, the focus of worship at Redeemer is centered on regular communion, just like the worship stemming from Wesley’s Anglican Church and the Episcopalian, Lutheran, Catholic, and Orthodox Christian traditions. We practice open communion, so every person who wants to participate is welcome.

We don’t try to reinvent the wheel, so we trust in the wisdom of hundreds upon hundreds of years of Christian worship in following a pattern of liturgy during worship that focuses us on communion, with a short sermon included on one of the several passages of scripture that are shared.

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