Teaching Gatherings

Location and time: TBD

There is an important need for Christian education to train believers in knowledge that will assist them in becoming more like Christ. In most churches, education is performed either in small groups, Sunday School, or in protracted sermons from pastors during worship services.

At Redeemer, our small groups are set aside for Disciple Groups to study some portions of Redeemer’s Discipleship Program, and our sermons – while serving in some ways to teach – are primarily devoted to shorter exhortations and homilies.

Teaching Gatherings are intended to be in a larger group setting and generally led by Pastor David. These are integral aspects of Redeemer’s Discipleship Program that focus on topics not covered in Disciple Groups. They are not held on a regular basis, but instead are called at the Pastor’s discretion (well in advance), often to study through a book, lesson, or portion of scripture.

Please either contact Pastor David for more information or details for the known Teaching Gathering schedule, or see our Calendar.

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