Our Story

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The blunt truth is most of the Church in America has lost touch with people. It either caters to folks who fit particular political or ideological molds, or it only practices conditional love to others.

It tries to present Jesus to people through a cultural lens that was common for hundreds of years – “you’re a guilty sinner, you need a savior” – but, while true, that often rings hollow to a culture that is now more concerned about honor and shame than it is about guilt.

It’s become more focused on showmanship and spectacle in worship than in connecting with God.

It’s out of these various frustrations that Redeemer Free Methodist Church is born.

We are a new church seeking to practice a Wesleyan vision of Christianity. We are Free Methodist because we respect the history from which the denomination was born and the vision it has for the present and future, and because – while we love, respect, and desire to work intimately with all our Wesleyan brothers and sisters (as well as all our siblings in Christ) – we seek freedom from the misunderstandings, mischaracterizations, and (sadly) vitriol that has been plaguing other Methodist denominations.

We at Redeemer sympathize with those who have been disillusioned with the Church, as many of us have been, too! We don’t claim to have any magic answers or new methods, but we’re attempting to be the Church in a way that meets people where they are and connects us intentionally to God.

We invite you to learn more about us through the different sections of this web site and in-person. We seek to, truly, love all people as unconditionally as Christ loves us all.

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